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Medicine Wheel:

The Way of the Medicine Wheel

A medicine wheel is a way of making sacred space more real and more visible. Ancient peoples believed that the medicine wheel in itself had great power and helped create change and healing. Medicine wheels are circles that are made all over the world.

They come from the most ancient cultures and remain alive to the present. They were found throughout history in almost every culture. Medicine wheels were always a place of sacred ceremony and ritual.

My council guides told me there is no wrong way to build a Medicine Wheel. This circle of life is a symbol of our soul's journey home to our place of center.

The knowledge of the medicine wheel is in earth. In the making of the medicine wheel you will learn things through thoughts, visions, and dreams. You will learn things through your own body. It is important to honor what you learn. You have a right to it.

What you learn though your own experience is yours. It belongs to no tribe. It comes from earth itself. It comes from within you. You create your sacred space and the medicine wheel is a doorway. It comes to you through your own visions. It belongs to you, you own it.

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