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Herbal Medicine:

Herbal healing, or herbalism, is one of the oldest healing techniques known worldwide. Herbalism provides the greatest natural healing knowledge.

The present day techniques originated from the practices of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babyllonians, Greeks and Romans. Herbal sorcery was renowned in ancient Greece.

The Chinese have been adept herbal healers for centuries. Some healers grow and harvest their own herbs to make them into salves, syrups, teas, poultices and powders for healing purposes.

An English doctor, isolated an important ingredient in the leaves of the plant known as foxglove called digitalis, which is an important heart remedy. Yet for centuries "Witches" had prescribed a tea brewed from foxglove leaves for weak hearts.

"The beauty of herbs lies in their ability to help your own body/mind heal itself, and do so efficiently. The problem with herbs lies with the users, they have a tendency to become their own doctors.

Herbalism is a natural way to supplement conventional medical care, not replace it. Learning about herbs and how they react in the body can be a dangerous knowledge if common sense rules are ignored".

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