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About Your Hostess

I follow the path of the Shaman.

I am a Reiki pratictioner blessed with guides who are not shy about making their healing presence known.

I use and respect the healing properties of crystals and stones.

I am just becoming aware of the power of herbal medicine, as well as the many benifits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Native American beliefs, study of ancient cultures and all things Celtic, have held my interest from age 7 (sooo much older than that now :)

Reincarnation fits for me. It explaines the "flashes" of information I have received from age 5. (I didn't find my 1st book on that subject until I was 14 yrs. old :)

My birth totem is Bear, Owl has also choosen to guide me in this life.

I have been an artisan in many of my lives. (including cave wall drawings)

I believe in Father God and Mother Azna.

Above all, I feel we all share the same "DNA" as the Creator, making us one with ALL of His/Her creations.

For the remainder of this life it is my first priority to behave like it.

Love and light, Sara