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The words "aura" and "chakra" are often confused. Here's a quick rundown.
Your AURA is your psychic energy body- it's the energy produced by your
life force, and it emanates all around you. This can be percieved in the color of your aura.

CHAKRA is a sanskrit word meaning "spinning wheel of energy". These energy centers
recieve and transmit energy, each situated at a major endocrine gland. There are seven
major chakras associated with a different part of the body.

The Root Chakra (red)The right to be. Located at the base of the spine. Physical vitality, survival instincts.

The Sacral Chakra (orange)The right to know. Located just below the navel. Circulation, sexuality, desire, reach out, grow and change.

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow).The right to act. Located just below the sternum. A sense of personal power, tempered by instincts and knowledge.

Heart Chakra (green).The right to love and be loved. Is in the heart. It is the center for unconditional love, tolerance, empathy, forgiveness, and for compassion.

Throat Chakra (blue).The right to speak and hear truth. Located in the throat, near the thyroid gland. Communication, expression and judgement.

3rd Eye Chakra (indigo).The right to see. Located in the center of the forehead. Spiritual direction and wisdom, dreams and inner vision, and seeks to question the spiritual life.

Crown Chakra (violet).The right to know. Located at the crown of the head. Balances and is the connection for the higher self and divine guidance, purpose and wisdom.

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