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All things Celtic:

All things Celtic (Scottland, Ireland,Wales and Brittany)

Since the dawn of its time the Celtic culture has been passed down to its children by word of mouth. Tales of Warrior heroes who walked into battle with painted faces and bagpipes playing outlawed tunes.

Tales of Celtic deities and belief of fairies, elves, dragons, magical spells and witchcraft. It is said that, the original Celts were a race of peoples with little, or no, writing skills. The learning and teaching process therefore, was an essential characteristic of Celtic life.

Culture passed down through family lines, be it by art and craft or song and tale, has been an important part of the continuing influence of the Celts.

The Celts influence, can best be recognized in their symbols that show in many cultures over the entire planet. A rich history of passionate peoples, stories of survival, defiance and creativity in the face of oppression from prehistoric Europe to present day Ireland and Brittany.

The drums fill my soul, the songs fill my heart, the art inspires, the riddles enchant, the bards command reflection and an Irish "fiddle" can make me weep. What's not to like?

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